CPE Site Characteristics

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E9-1-1 PSAP CPE Site Characteristics Technical Information Document

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04-502 v1

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This Technical Information Document is a guide for PSAP managers and for the designers, manufacturers and installers of PSAP CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). It identifies the required and desirable characteristics of the PSAP facilities that house the supporting CPE. “Supporting CPE” includes all of the equipment and facilities that support PSAP operations with the exception of call taker or dispatch related equipment that is located in the workspace. Supporting CPE is often located in a “back room” and is sometimes referred to as “backroom” equipment.

This document is not intended to

  • describe the optimum environmental conditions of the PSAP’s workspace.
  • provide complete design specifications for PSAP equipment.

Adherence to these recommendations will not ensure the quality of the performance of the Customer Premises Equipment. This document should not be used as an exclusive procurement specification.

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Technical – CPE

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