Integrating Applications on Intelligent Workstations

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Integrating Applications on Intelligent Workstations Technical Information Document

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04-501 v1

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The emergence of intelligent workstations and multitasking operating systems has allowed the integration 0f multiple applications that had previously appeared on separate platforms. Integrating these applications on one workstation can provide a higher level of functionality and ease of use over individual dedicated equipment. This integration of applications on a single platform leads to a higher level of responsibility for all associated vendors.

This document will identify, define, discuss and offer information to help PSAP managers make decisions that are necessary to integrate multiple applications on a single hardware platform at the Enhanced 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)(?).

The existence of this document does not support, promote or defend any particular technology. Its sole purpose is to inform and offer solutions to the problem of integration to those wishing to either offer or accept such forms of communication.

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Technical – CPE

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