PSAP Intelligent Workstation

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NENA Recommended Generic Standards for E9-1-1 PSAP Intelligent Workstations

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04-004 v1

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This NENA Technical Reference NENA-04-004 defines the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)(?) Intelligent Workstation (IWS) equipment requirements intended for use by users, manufactures and providers of E9-1-1 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

A PSAP is an agency or group of agencies designated and authorized to receive and respond to emergency calls requiring one or more public services (Police, Fire, EMS or all three).

This Technical Reference is a guide for designers and manufacturers of PSAP equipment. It defines conditions and identifies engineering and technical requirements to be considered before the purchase of such equipment. It may also be of value to purchasers, maintainers and users of such equipment. 

This document is not intended to provide complete design specifications for PSAP equipment. It will neither ensure the quality of the performance of the equipment nor should it serve as an exclusive procurement specification.

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Technical – CPE

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