PSAP Master Clock

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NENA PSAP Master Clock Standard

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04-002 v4

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This Standard is a guide for designers and manufacturers of PSAP equipment. It identifies engineering and technical requirements to be met before the NENA membership shall consider purchase of such equipment; it may also be of value to purchasers, maintainers and users of such equipment.

This document is not intended to provide complete design specifications for a PSAP Master Clock. It will neither ensure the quality of the performance of the equipment nor should it serve as an exclusive procurement specification.

This standard provides a standard method of connecting an accurate time source to the various elements of a PSAPs CPE that depend on time information for operation. When this standard is used to guide the design, development, and acquisition of CPE, successful system integration of the time source equipment with the CPE elements that depend on accurate time is enabled.

Adoption of this Standard enables interoperability among the devices using the interfaces described. Implementation and management of a standard time source in a PSAP is significantly improved when products are selected that conform to this standard.

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Technical – CPE

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