Data Formats for ALI, MSAG & GIS

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Standard Data Formats For ALI Related Data Exchange, MSAG & GIS

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02-010 v9

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This document sets forth NENA standard formats for Automatic Location Identification (ALI) related data exchange between Service Providers and Data Base Management System Providers, a GIS data model, a Data Dictionary, and formats for data exchange between the ALI Database and PSAP Controller equipment.

Movement of ALI data between Service Providers and/or Data Base Management System Providers is a necessary and common activity for the activation of E9-1-1 systems. Means of moving such data is varied and many. This document contains data exchange formats recommended for creation and transporting of 9-1-1 data.

This recommendation advocates the use of one of two common protocols (KERMIT and NDM) for use in the near term and with a move toward one common protocol (TCP/IP) in the future. The recommendation unfolded in this manner with the recognition that as a goal NENA acknowledges the advantage of one protocol, but that existing systems are in place so an evolution plan must be put in place and that no single protocol can satisfy all applications.

For information on the specific Street Suffix Abbreviations (C1) and Secondary Unit Designators (C2) used in NENA standards, USPS Publication 28 may be found at


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Technical – Data

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