9-1-1 Data Management

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Data Standards For Local Exchange Carriers, ALI Service Providers & 9-1-1 Jurisdictions

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02-011 v7

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This document sets forth NENA standards for all Service Providers (SPs) involved in providing dial tone to end users whether or not they are the 9-1-1 Database Management System Provider (DBMSP) or a SP in an Enhanced 9-1-1 area. It includes Database Maintenance, Quality measurements, INP, LNP and Number Pooling standards to be utilized for any 9-1-1 system that provides information for data display. It defines measurements that support meaningful computations to allow for a better understanding of database quality and timeliness of database updates.

This document defines the provisioning requirements for E9-1-1 data integrity, content, and call delivery regardless of Access Infrastructure Provider (formerly referred to as Dial Tone Provider). It is the goal of these standards to support current and future development consistent with the concept of “One Nation, One Number”. It is assumed that Federal, State or Local legislation will supersede these standards.

This document introduces the availability of NENA Database Administration software, which may be downloaded from http://www.om2tech.com/downloads/nena_app.asp . There is no charge for this software which includes forms for MSAG Updates, E9-1-1 Inquires (ANI/ALI trouble resolution), and additional information.  The software also allows the user to transmit the documents via various electronic methods.

In addition this document defines standards for the data transmission of E9-1-1 updates by all SPs providing dial tone within the boundaries of an Enhanced 9-1-1 Jurisdiction. Utilization of these standards will provide for timely activation of emergency service databases and help to minimize costs incurred by providing accurate and consistent provisioning of ALI data. Throughout the creation of these standards, the goal was to set standards that would allow the shortest amount of time a record shall remain in an error condition. All entities must be aware of any time zone differences when discussing time frames such as one (1) business day.

For information on the specific Street Suffix Abbreviations (C1) and Secondary Unit Designators (C2) used in NENA standards, USPS Publication 28 may be found at http://pe.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/pubs/Pub28/pub28.pdf.

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Technical – Data

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