NENA Company ID Registration

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NENA Company ID Registration Service Technical Information Document

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02-502 v3

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This “NENA Company ID Registration Service Technical Information Document” defines the Company ID program and provides instructions for companies to register their company identification.

NENA 02-502, Version 3, updates the types of service to include Video Relay Services (VRS), which have been mandated by the FCC that no later than December 31, 2008, VRS calls will come over the 9-1-1 network and that the PSAP will receive the VRS/IP Relay Provider name (NENA Company ID) and the ID # of the video interpreter/call assistant. Per FCC – 64.605(b)(2)(ii), “VRS or IP Relay providers must transmit all 911 calls, as well as ANI, the caller’s Registered Location, the name of the VRS or IP Relay provider, and the CA’s [call assistant’s] identification number for each call, to the PSAP).

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