ALEC Service Initiation

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NENA Recommended ALEC Service Initiation Standards

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06-002 v3

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The purpose of the Service Initiation Guidelines is to provide guidance for 9-1-1 service initiation, as well as define the needs of the ALECs, ILECs and 9-1-1 Administrators. When an ALEC enters into a new service area, they may not know the appropriate contacts in order to obtain the required information for a successful 9-1-1 implementation. On the same note, 9-1-1 administrators/entities need notification of ALECs who will be serving customers in their jurisdiction.

This document will cover what is needed from all players – ALECs, ILECs and 9-1-1 Administrators to successfully implement 9-1-1. This is not an all-encompassing document and other NENA standards should be referenced.

With the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 came the first major overhaul of the telecommunications laws in almost sixty-two years. The goal of the telecom act is to let any telecommunications business compete in any market against each other. Since the passage of this law, we have all experienced change in the way we work, live and learn. We will continue to see change affecting telephone service, cable programming, video service, and broadcast services, to mention a few.

The information contained within these guidelines is meant to document specific components that have been found to be vital to an ALEC’s’s service initiation, as well as to the success of 9-1-1. The best way to achieve the desired results is for the ALECs, ILECs and 9-1-1 Administrators to work together.

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