MLTS E9-1-1 Caller Location Discovery and Reporting

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Industry Common Mechanisms for MLTS E9-1-1 Caller Location Discovery and Reporting Technical Information Documents

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06-502 v1

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Recent technology innovations have made it critically important for organizations to address the challenge of identifying the location of the users of communications systems during emergencies in the Multi Line Telephone System1 (MLTS) environment. This paper and the accompanying diagrams will discuss many of the issues related to the location of individuals during emergencies in the MLTS environment. It will further outline the current suggested methods of dealing with the challenge using commonly available technology as recommended in this document by NENA.

Much public dialogue has taken place about locating individuals when they dial to signal that an emergency is in progress from cellular telephones or other mobile devices including Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP). Less discussed, yet as critically relevant is the large numbers of individuals who on a daily basis might use their office telephone or other device in an MLTS environment to dial for help.

Identifying the location of individual callers during an emergency is a challenge that involves the individual, the organization, the governmental organizations responsible for providing public safety services and other third-party entities including those delegated various responsibilities by the government.

The purpose and scope of this document is to help policy officials as well as MLTS Operators/Managers to understand the issues related to identifying the location of users of the system during emergencies. The document points out a number of methods of dealing with this challenge giving reasons to implement and pointing out the benefits of implementing the suggested methods.

This document supports the NENA 02-xxx Technical Requirements Document on Model Legislation E9-1-1 for Multi-line Telephone Systems reissued in 2008 as well as supplements TID 03-502.

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