MLTS Model Legislation

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NENA Technical Requirements Document On Model Legislation E9-1-1 for Multi-Line Telephone Systems

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06-750 v3 (Previously TID 06-501)

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Recent technology innovations have made it important to update the MLTS Model Legislation recommended in 2000.  The following revised Policy document reflects changes in IP technology; Implementation & Testing; Training and the use of building code Fire Zones to facilitate the creation of the Emergency Response Location.

A companion Technical Information Document (06-502) was created to aid in educating policy officials, government agencies and users of MLTS systems specific to E9-1-1 obligations.  The accompanying Technical Information Document and diagrams discuss many of the issues related to the location of individuals during emergencies in the MLTS environment. It further outlines the current suggested methods of dealing with the challenge as recommended by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) MLTS Policy Work Group.

The purpose and scope of the model legislation and the technical document is to help the owners of the MLTS to understand the issues related to identifying the location of users of the system during emergencies. Wireless voice devices connected to MLTS may present challenges with providing an accurate location to the PSAP from where the call originated or to identify the movement of the caller due to the technology commonly available today.

The following is an update and reissue of NENA Technical Requirements Document on Model Legislation E9-1-1 for Multi-Line Telephone Systems originally issued in 2000 as a Technical Information Document (06-501).

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