Private Switch (PS) E-9-1-1 Database

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Private Switch (PS) E9-1-1 Database Standard

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06-003 v2

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Recent technical developments make it possible for Private Branch Exchange Telephone Systems (PBX) to provide Telephone Station level Automatic Number Identification (ANI). This NENA Technical Reference defines the requirements and methods to accomplish the provisioning of Private Switch 9-1-1 (PS/911) data in conjunction with the use of a Multi Line Telephone System (MLTS) or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system. For the purpose of this document and to be consistent with other NENA documents, a Private Branch Exchange telephone system or PBX will be referred to as a Multi-Line Telephone System or MLTS.

Enabling MLTS Owner/Operator Station or Caller Identification functions make true 9-1-1 for each MLTS Telephone Station possible. Where MLTS Station Level ANI has not been provisioned, the 9-1-1 caller’s location is unknown. This document identifies the responsibility that each MLTS Owner/Operator accepts when providing Private Switch 9-1-1 (PS/911). This document discusses provisioning PS/911 Data for MLTS systems that use digital trunks, Primary Rate Interface Integrated Services Digital Network (PRI ISDN) trunks and MLTS systems that use dedicated analog trunks that operate with the Centralized Automated Message Accounting (CAMA) signaling protocol. While technical issues, tariff issues, or local conditions may determine the method of delivering a 9-1-1 call and its ANI, this document discusses the responsibility involved with the
provision of PS/911 ALI and data requirements for each method.

This document supports the NENA PS/911 model legislation by describing three alternative means of implementing PS/911 that are currently available.

  • Station Level Method
  • Centrex Method
  • Consolidated Method
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