Wireless ALI Data Content

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NENA Wireless (Pre-XML) Static and Dynamic ALI Data Content Technical Information Document

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02-501 v1

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There has been a growing concern, among public safety administrators in various states and other interested parties, about the increasing degree of inconsistency in the use of specific E9-1-1 data fields for varying types of ALI-related data items. While this has provided a degree of customization to support varied PSAP data processes, it also has driven a large set of variations in SCP and MPC programming, and in ALI server data handling, along with expensive customizing of CAD and Mapping system software.

As in other aspects of 9-1-1 data handling, what might be considered a positive situation – a high degree of flexibility – also can carry a high degree of complexity, when the national level view is considered. As a result, a balance between flexibility and complexity usually provides necessary real service capabilities with simplification and overall cost savings, due to lessened complexity.

Objectives of this Technical Information Document:

  • Provide national NENA best practice recommendations on wireless E9-1-1 ALI data content,
    ALI field usage, and data relationships, such that the E9-1-1 calltaker receives complete data
    with a maximum of clarity and with consistency of data elements and meaning across all
    carriers and their vendors.
  • Provide a resulting best practice for data provision from wireless carriers and/or their
    vendors in support of the above objective.
  • Nationally define how each system’s logic will contribute to improved consistency of data
    handling, based on improved and commonly accepted data definitions, and reach agreement
    on how traditional ALI fields will be utilized to carry wireless data items
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Technical – Data

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