Femtocell and UMA

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NENA Femtocell and UMA Technical Information Document

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03-509 v1

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The purpose of this “Femtocel/UMA Technical Information Document” is to describe in technical as well as operational terms the current state of femtocell and UMA deployments with respect to call processing of E9-1-1 calls, and to identify the impacts to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) of receiving and processing calls from femtocells. This TID also describes the current 9-1-1 infrastructure, next generation emergency networks, and discusses integration of femtocells and UMA technologies into those networks. This TID will provide information to allow the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and other interested parties to develop new communications methodologies, standards, and protocols to facilitate emergency communications between users of femtocells/UMA and PSAPs.

This document also addresses situations in which a femtocell/UMA device offers POTS type service as an additional a feature, since this information is also relevant to public safety agency handling of calls from these devices.
Implementation-specific details pertaining to current deployments have been included in this TID to convey the current state of affairs. Inclusion of this detail does not imply that the deployment is correct and acceptable to PSAPs. The working group expects that information contained within this document may be used to generate future recommendations or standards.



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Technical – Network


Wireless Working Group

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