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NENA Standard for the Implementation of the Wireless Emergency Service Protocol E2 Interface

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05-001 v1

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This “NENA Standard for the Implementation of the Wireless Emergency Service Protocol E2 Interface” document provides explicit protocols and parameters for interoperable operation of the E2 interface over TCP/IP. 1This interface is between the MPC/GMLC and the EMSE as defined in TR45.2’s TIA/EIA/J-STD-036-A . This document defines the methods that MPC/GMLC and ESME use to interact, allowing for the concept of geographically redundant nodes and the inherent link management. It defines how the TCAP-based application protocol is to be encapsulated upon the TCP/IP stack.

While TIA/EIA/J-STD-036-A defined parameters for the E2 interface, it did not provide sufficient detail to allow vendors to implement the E2 interface and assure interoperability. This interface is required for the implementation of Wireless Phase 2, and, with the addition of the Location Description parameter, supports the necessary fall back to Phase 1 when Phase 2 data is unavailable.

The use of this standard by equipment vendors will facilitate the implementation of the E2 interface between the wireless network and an ESME. It assures that vendors implement the parameters, TCAP, TCP/IP and link management in a consistent manner which will aide in the interoperability of the network elements as each vendor and their associated carriers roll out Wireless Phase 2. This document specifies implementation details not specified in TIA/EIA/J-STD-036-A down to explicit elements so that there can be no confusion regarding how parameters are to be implemented.

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Technical – Network

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