E9-1-1 Functional Entity Model

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NENA Standard for E9-1-1 Functional Entity Model

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03-004 v2

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Recent changes in telephony technology along with corresponding changes in the regulatory environment with respect to E9-1-1 Service are impacting the service architectures being defined for E9-1-1 Services. Support of Wireless Phase II and NENA i2 for VoIP are making enhancements to existing E9-1-1 functionality necessary.

The definition of service architectures to support Wireless Phase II and NENA i2 for VoIP functionality will impact both wireless and wireline networks. Since both wireless and wireline networks will play a role in processing an increasing number of Emergency Calls, it is critical that the interconnection for these networks be based on a common understanding of the functions and interfaces supported by each network.

A clear definition of E9-1-1 Service at a functional level is needed to facilitate the definition of meaningful and consistent standards which support existing and enhanced E9-1-1 Service functionality and to facilitate network interconnection for the purpose of processing Emergency Calls.

This document contains a set of Functional Entities (FEs) that address a portion of the Functional Entity Model for E9-1-1 Services. The FEs defined in this document address the functionality applied by a wireline network and a PSAP to an incoming Emergency Call. These FEs are applicable to Emergency Calls originating from variety of networks including wireline networks, wireless networks under Phase 1 and Phase II, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks.

It is expected that the Functional Entity Model will be refined and updated as new functions, technologies and architectures with respect to E9-1-1 Service evolve. This document is intended to provide input to the PTSC Committee and the TR45-2 Committee on Emergency Services to assist them in the definition of standards that support existing and enhanced E9-1-1 functionality in a consistent manner.

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Technical – Network

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