Mobile Emergency Service (E911M)

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PSAP Call Back to All 9-1-1 Callers, Combating Wireless E911 Fraudand Mobile Emergency Service (E911M) Technical Information Document

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03-504 v1

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This document contains standards requirements for providing the PSAP with a working callback number to all wireless phones that call 9-1-1. It brings with it the solution to a number of other open issues.

E911M transforms E911 from a fixed network service to a mobile network service. It opens the door to the delivery new mobile emergency services through new access technologies such as voice over IP, 3G wireless, WiFI/WiMax and NGN Convergence. E911M also provides new capabilities for the PSAP and wireless service provider to deal pro-actively with fraudulent 9-1-1 calling behavior. While these benefits are difficult to quantify at this stage of development, they can’t be overlooked.

This document contains standards requirements for the following capabilities.

  • Enable a PSAP to call back all phones, including wired, wireless, mobile or fixed phones, used to originate a 9-1-1 call.
  • Combat fraudulent 9-1-1 calling from wireless and mobile phones.
  • Manage mobility for all mobile phones used to call 9-1-1 or invoke any emergency service.
  • Introduce new services to improve mobile emergency communication between a PSAP and other PSAPs, the public, responders and other agencies.
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Technical – Network

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