Location Determination: IP-Based Emergency Services

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Recommended Method(s) for Location Determination to Support IP-Based Emergency Services Technical Information Document

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08-505 v1

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This document is the first edition of what will be a comprehensive document addressing many access network configurations. This edition has a narrow solutions focus and will address only the automated mechanisms for the residential broadband market, manually configured location mechanisms for end-points are not discussed. User-provided location information is beyond the scope of this document. Revised editions of this document will add new sections to address enterprise, hosted and mobile access configurations.

In order to understand the residential broadband market it is important to understand a few things about how these services are delivered. Detailed discussions throughout this document describe the technological and organizational structures that are required to deliver these services, and the impacts that these have on the potential to deliver workable location determination and acquisition solutions.

The document is based on the requirements in [TRD] and reiterates those requirements as the basis for the proposed solutions. For convenience of the reader, the referenced requirements are excerpted from the TRD and reproduced in Section 4 of this document. These requirements are deemed to be desirable characteristics of any solution regardless of the access technology.

This release of the document describes solutions that meet the proposed requirements for automatically determining the location of IP devices inside a residential broadband network. It also provides recommended solutions to allow the network-determined location to be acquired by nodes needing it in emergency applications.

This document should be reissued as new location determination and acquisition solutions are identified for residential broadband and other IP access networks. This document is expected to be reissued to address enterprise, WiFi (enterprise and community), 3G cellular and WiMAX access networks.

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Technical – VoIP/Packet

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