Network Interface to IP Capable PSAP

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Network Interface to IP Capable PSAP Technical Information Document

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08-501 v1

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This “NENA Technical Information Document on the Network Interface to IP Capable PSAP” document provides technical information to guide manufacturers of network equipment and Public Safety answering Point (PSAP)(?) Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in the development of Internet Protocol based interfaces between the network and PSAP CPE and to assist E9-1-1 Network Service Providers and PSAP’s in implementing such interfaces. It defines a service description for the capabilities that will need to be supported by the VoIP signaling on the interface, as well as the necessary network and CPE elements needed in the supporting architecture. The Appendices to this TID include specific assumptions/issues for individual candidate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) signaling protocols, that will need to be considered in the specification of (separate) technical reference document(s) that provide signaling requirements for the individual VoIP protocol alternatives identified.

The NENA Technical Information Document on Network Interfaces for E9-1-1 and Emerging Technologies identified Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as an emerging technology that needs to be considered for the interface between the E9-1-1 Service Provider’s Network and the PSAP CPE. PSAP’s are experiencing an increasing need to receive and share data related to emergency call handling. Many carriers and enterprise networks today are implementing broadband access and packet data networks that can support both voice and data traffic. Packet-based voice and data delivery may offer a more robust and diverse transport for emergency services, and can aggregate the numerous services required by PSAP’s into a common broadband access. Several competing signaling technologies are being developed that support VoIP for normal call traffic. This TID identifies the signaling capabilities and interface requirements to support the special signaling needs of emergency call handling.

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Technical – VoIP/Packet

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