NENA Consolidates Ops & Tech Committees into New Structure

Posted: Aug 23 – 04:40 pm

The NENA Executive Board recently approved a reorganization of NENA’s Operations and Technical Committees into a single entity known as the NENA Development Group (NDG), led by the Development Steering Council (DSC). The intent of the reorganization is to create a more interconnected committee structure that better serves the NENA Membership and the emergency services community by addressing operations and technical issues in tandem. The Co-Chairs of the DSC are Pete Eggimann, ENP and Tony Busam, ENP.

The reorganization is the product of more than a year of conceptual development and several months’ worth of behind-the-scenes planning and organization by the former Technical and Operations Committees’ leadership. While the initial restructuring work is now largely completed, the operational/administrative processes of the NDG are being finalized. The work of replacing NENA 01-001 and 51-001, the guideline documents that provided the framework for committee structures and process rules, continues and is expected to be completed early this fall.
The NDG includes the following seven committees: