Master Glossary

Date added: Aug 30 – 08:56 pm
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The NENA Master Glossary is a guide for readers of NENA publications and a tool for members of the NENA committees that prepare them. It defines the terms, acronyms and definitions associated with the 9-1-1 industry. Intended users of this document are any person needing NENA’s definition/description of a 9-1-1 related term.

Use of the “NENA Master Glossary of 9-1-1 Terminology” will:

  • Provide a consistent definition for all definitions and acronyms identified with NENA Standards documents produced by the NENA Committees
  • Reduce the work required to establish definitions for consistently utilized terms and acronyms 

Any Master Glossary questions, comments or suggestions
should be submitted to Sophie Vick

Synchronizing GIS with MSAG & ALI

Date added: Sep 24 – 06:59 am
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This document is the NENA information document for the synchronization of certain Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database layers with the Master Street Address Guide, the Automatic Location Information data, and optionally the site / structure locations.

This document is meant to provide PSAP management, vendors, and other interested parties necessary guidelines for synchronizing GIS data with existing 9-1-1 databases. The synchronization process of the GIS data is most reliably accomplished by qualified, trained individuals or vendors that have received formal GIS training and instruction.

This document is provided as a guide to synchronizing both the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) and optionally the Automatic Location Information (ALI) databases to a Geographic Information System (GIS) geospatial database of road centerlines, site / structure locations, and related spatial databases. One must have a basic understanding of GIS concepts and MSAG data, or the resources available, in order to understand this document.

Virtual PSAP Management

Date added: Jun 8 – 05:39 pm
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This document is intended as a guide for PSAP staff and policy makers to evaluate and consider the opportunities and challenges presented with the Next Generation 9-1-1(?) systems as they relate to personnel and PSAP management. Specifically, what considerations might be necessary for employing virtual workers for the traditional PSAP environment?

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Intra-Agency Agreements

Date added: Jun 8 – 05:27 pm
Document description: 

This document is provided as a Model Recommendation for the development of Mutual Aid Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between Public Safety Answering Points and affiliated or support organizations. The documents discussed and attached should be modified to meet the unique requirements of individual States and Municipalities.

The purpose of the NENA Intra-Agency Agreements Model Recommendations is to provide rationale and guidance for the development, promulgation and implementation of agreements between public safety communications and affiliated agencies to share information as needed to provide the highest level of service to the citizens.

Railroad & PSAP Interaction

Date added: Apr 30 – 03:07 pm
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This document describes a protocol for communicating between railroads and emergency response agencies to make the process of getting assistance to incidents along rail lines as efficient and effective as possible.

This document was created to provide information and guidance for operational interaction between Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), railroad call centers and railroad sworn personnel in the field. PSAPs may receive emergency calls from railroad call centers and railroad sworn personnel. PSAPs may also be required to contact railroad call centers when the PSAP becomes aware of an incident requiring emergency assistance involving a railroad.

MLTS Model Legislation

Date added: Mar 6 – 12:19 am
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Converted to TRD 06-750 February 19, 2009.

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NENA Company ID Registration

Date added: Mar 6 – 12:02 am
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This “NENA Company ID Registration Service Technical Information Document” defines the Company ID program and provides instructions for companies to register their company identification.

NENA 02-502, Version 3, updates the types of service to include Video Relay Services (VRS), which have been mandated by the FCC that no later than December 31, 2008, VRS calls will come over the 9-1-1 network and that the PSAP will receive the VRS/IP Relay Provider name (NENA Company ID) and the ID # of the video interpreter/call assistant.

Wireless ALI Data Content

Date added: Mar 5 – 11:51 pm
Document description: 

There has been a growing concern, among public safety administrators in various states and other interested parties, about the increasing degree of inconsistency in the use of specific E9-1-1 data fields for varying types of ALI-related data items. While this has provided a degree of customization to support varied PSAP data processes, it also has driven a large set of variations in SCP and MPC programming, and in ALI server data handling, along with expensive customizing of CAD and Mapping system software.

As in other aspects of 9-1-1 data handling, what might be considered a positive situation – a high degree of flexibility – also can carry a high degree of complexity, when the national level view is considered. As a result, a balance between flexibility and complexity usually provides necessary real service capabilities with simplification and overall cost savings, due to lessened complexity.

Objectives of this Technical Information Document: