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The Network Committee (NTC) is the hierarchical parent of Working Groups formed to address (non-VoIP) technical issues that impact network elements that are part of the overall E9-1-1 architecture.  As technical issues are identified they are handled via Working Groups that are formed to accomplish specific goals, which usually result in some type of official NENA documentation (Standard, TID, TRD, liaison to other groups etc.).

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Network Committee working groups:

  • Network Quality Assurance & Design
  • Geographic Number Portability
  • Wireless
  • Text to NG911
  • Multiple Service Types Over Common Trunk Groups

Any NENA member interested in joining any Network Working Groups, please review the Scopes & Goals at the bottom of the page and then contact the Committee Chair or Vice Chair to be added to a specific working group.

Anand Akundi
Anand Akundi is currently the Program Manager for E9-1-1 Services at Telcordia Technologies. Anand has over 8 years in telecommunications experience. Anand provides E9-1-1 and VoIP expertise to large carriers and government agencies in the United States. In addition, Anand is also Telcordia’s representative to Wireless Standards groups such as 3GPP2 which define Standards in support of next generation wireless networks. Anand is currently serving as the Co-Chair for the Next Generation Emergency Services (NGES) Subcommittee in ATIS Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF).

John Garner, ENP
Cingular Wireless,
The New AT&T
John Garner, ENP, is Program Director for Public Safety Relations at Cingular Wireless, LLC.  He was previously the Chair of the Network Technical Committee’s Wireless Subcommittee and is active at the Emergency Services Interconnection Forum and the Congressional E911 Institute.  John has over 25 years experience in public safety and was formerly the Director of the Shelby County, Tennessee E911 District and chair of the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board.  John has also served as a member of the Mississippi Commercial Mobile Radio Services Board.  John has earned the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Public Administration degrees from the University of Memphis.



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