Technical Committee Leadership

In addition to the Technical Committee leadership shown below, there are six committees. To see more information about a specific committee, as well as biographies and photos of each committee’s leadership, select the appropriate link from the menu on the left. Each committee page also contains all documents issued by the members.

Committee Chair/Liaison

Tom Breen, ENP
AT&T – 770-982-0831

Tom Breen, ENP currently serves as the E9-1-1 Strategic Planner for AT&T, where he is focused on defining the architectural design for their NG9-1-1(?) network platform. Tom has 30 years experience in the telecommunications industry, 18 of which have been in the field of E9-1-1. Prior to the merger with AT&T, he served as BellSouth’s Regional E9-1-1 Network Architecture & Infrastructure Planner since 1997.  On a day to day basis Tom provides E9-1-1 expertise and advice on technical and operational matters related to E9-1-1 to the AT&T E9-1-1 Product Team, as well as to the E9-1-1 industry at large. Tom also currently represents AT&T on the ATIS Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF), in addition to serving the ESIF Chairs as an Industry Advisor. Tom was the recipient of NENA’s William E. Stanton Service Award in 2007.

Committee Vice-Chair/Liaison

Tony Busam, ENP
RCC Consultants, Inc. – 503-566-5902

Tony Busam currently has over 21 years of 9-1-1 experience ranging from end-user, systems designer, manager of a large scale integrated PSAP, personnel management and held a state role as implementer of IWS based E9-1-1.  Having a total of 37 years in emergency services, Tony holds a degree in Fire Science. Other fire service related certifications include Incident Command, Hazardous Material Professional, and various EMS certifications, GIS including rural addressing and Budget and Personnel.  He also is a certified UNIX administrator, Oracle database manager. He held the position of E9-1-1 coordinator for the State of Oregon and in that position was responsible for the orchestration of enabling legislation, budget administration, system design and implementation. The State of Oregon enjoyed being a leader in the deployment of Integrated Workstations having statewide mapping capabilities and the deployment of a statewide IP based network interconnecting all that states PSAP’s with a secure high-speed frame relay based network a direct replacement for traditional analog ALI circuits. Currently, Tony is a Senior Public Safety Consultant with RCC Consultants, Inc. and consults not only on 9-1-1 based projects but also emergency services radio (voice and data), CAD and RMS and large scale project process and budgeting. Tony was the first chair of the Non-Traditional Communications Committee and led the development of the internal “Convergence” document illustrating the possibilities that the use of IP transport could offer emergency services.

Technical Committee Advisor

Billy Ragsdale

Billy Ragsdale has 41 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to retiring from BellSouth in 2000, he spent 22 years working in 9-1-1 CPE and Network related positions.  In his last position of 10+ years he had the responsibility of providing end-to-end technical and operational support for over 800 PSAPs in the 9 states of BellSouth. In 2000, Billy went to work for InterAct Public Safety Systems as Director of Operations and left in 2006 as Executive Vice President Telecommunications (E9-1-1) Technologies and Special Operations.  He has been a NENA member since 1989 and has been actively involved in committee leadership in  9-1-1 standards development efforts since 1993 where he served for 8 years as CPE Technical Committee Chair. In 1996 Billy was appointed as NENA’s Technical Committee Chair/Liaison by NENA’s Executive Board where he served for 11 years until June of 2007 when he stepped down and was appointed as a Technical Committee Advisor, which he is currently active.  Billy was the recipient of NENA’s William E. Stanton Service Award in 2001 and the Presidents award in 2002. 

Technical Committee Advisor

Bob Gojanovich, ENP

Bob (“Gojo”) Gojanovich has over 38 years experience in telecommunications, including 21 years specializing in Public Safety communications. As part of his 31-year career with Verizon, Bob successfully managed the New Jersey Enhanced 9-1-1 Network, a statewide system serving over 300 Public Safety Answering Points and nine million citizens, from its inception in 1989 through 2003. After retiring from Verizon, Bob joined iXP Corporation, where he led the development of the technical specifications for New York City’s next E9-1-1 network, which includes network-based call distribution, intelligent workstations and recording systems, plus one-of-a-kind interfaces to unique emergency reporting systems employed in the City. Bob also led iXP’s wireless 9-1-1 accuracy testing efforts. Bob joined HBF Group in March 2006 as Director of Enterprise Sales. In 2008, HBF Group was acquired by Intrado, Inc. He later joined RCC Consultants, Inc., where he led their NG9-1-1 Consulting efforts. In June of 2010, Bob joined TCS as Director of Sales for NG9-1-1. He is responsible for developing NG9-1-1 sales opportunities for the eastern US and eastern Canada. Mr. Gojanovich has been actively involved in the development of 9-1-1 technical standards at the national level since 1993. He chaired the Network Technical Committee for the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) for 10 years and remains an advisor to NENA’s Technical Lead Team and a member of several working groups. Bob was the recipient of NENA’s William E. Stanton Lifetime Service Award in 2003 and is a member of the NENA Hall of Fame.

NENA Technical Issues Director

Roger Hixson, ENP
NENA – 614-442-9110

Roger Hixson, ENP, is the Technical Issues Director of the National Emergency Number Association, and is closely involved in many of NENA’s initiatives, including wireless E 9-1-1 and Internet Protocol technical and strategy issues, and development of Next Generation 9-1-1(?). In his role as NENA’s Technical Issues Director, Roger drafted the NENA 9-1-1 Future Path Plan, coordinates NENA’s overall technical development process, is a member of the advisory team for the joint NENA/ATIS Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF), has been a member of several NRIC subcommittees providing input to the FCC, and supports several NENA projects, including US DOT contract work on wireless and future NG 9-1-1 development.  Roger has worked in various areas of 9-1-1 service for 23 years, formerly in the telecommunications environment, where he and his group implemented more than 25 major counties in Ohio and others in Michigan and Indiana, and has chaired numerous 9-1-1 advancement efforts, at the state, national, and corporate levels. He is a former Ohio NENA Chapter President. Roger holds a Systems Engineering degree.

NENA Committee Resource Manager

Sophie Vick
NENA – 703-812-4600

The Technical Committee structure includes six committees. To see more information about a specific committee, as well as biographies and photos of each committee’s leadership, select the appropriate link from the menu on the left. Each committee page also contains all documents issued by the members.