Technical Committee – VoIP/Packet

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)/Packet Committee’s   goal is to identify and solve technical issues relating to call delivery from VoIP sources and migrate existing 9-1-1 technologies into a packet environment for both voice and data.  Identified technical issues are handled via Working Groups that are formed to accomplish specific goals, which usually result in some type of official NENA documentation.

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The current VoIP/Packet Working Groups are:

  • Long Term Definition (LTD)
  • Migratory Definition (VMWG)
  • Location (VLWG)

Any NENA member interested in joining any VoIP/Packet Working Groups, please review the Scopes & Goals at the bottom of the page and then contact the Committee Chair or Vice Chair to be added to a specific working group.

Nate Wilcox

Nate Wilcox began his career in 9-1-1 in 1991 and has extensive experience in product requirements, assists in technical development work, evaluates existing solutions and provides engineering support on large scale IP-based 9-1-1 deployments. He has end to end knowledge of all current 9-1-1 systems procedures and practices (former call taker, PSAP admin, state 9-1-1 administrator(?) and product installation/design/support manager), and assisted in engineering and maintaining the first SS7/ISDN multi PSAP deployment in the nation.

He also designed the network and assisted in designing the CPE applications for the first multi-PSAP IP based 9-1-1 system in the nation. Nate is heavily involved in NG9-1-1(?) services on both the national and international level and is a recognized speaker on topics involving 9-1-1 before the FCC, VON coalition and other industry bodies. He has several years of Public Safety 9-1-1 experience, including systems administrator of the Vermont Enhanced 9-1-1 Board. In addition to chairing the NENA VoIP/Packet Technical Committee, Nate has also held leadership roles in several other organizations.

Roger Marshall
TeleCommunication Systems (TCS)

Roger Marshall, a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), is based out of Seattle, Washington.  Roger’s focus has been, and continues to be on Next Generation Emergency Service Standards & Technology development.  Some of his primary responsibilities include working with external industry forums along with internal development resources to help define future E9-1-1 TCS technology as it relates to IP-based E9-1-1 and commercial Location-based systems and services. 

Roger’s interests are geared toward creating and adapting strategic technology initiatives that support the development and deployment of available VoIP technology, as well as positioning for the next generation global emergency standards.  Within the existing NENA VoIP/Packet Technical Committee, he is an active participant and contributor to the Location, Migratory, and Long-Term Definition working groups.  Roger has been  active within other standards development organizations, including the IETF ECRIT work group.   Roger has a diverse engineering & technical background including research, systems, & network design and analysis for various Information, Scientific, and Manufacturing companies.  Roger, along with his wife Tina, and five children (yes, 5!) enjoy the rural farm life just outside the Seattle area.


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