Technical Standards

NENA’s Technical Committee includes industry experts from both the public and private sectors and is made up of six topic specific committees. Each Committee is responsible for addressing current issues and issuing documents to assist with the implementation and maintenance of NG9-1-1(?). These documents consist of:

  • A Technical Requirements Document (TRD) is used as a basis for a NENA Technical Committee or outside Standards Development Organization (SDO) to develop industry accepted standards or guidelines. 
  • A Technical Standards Document (TSD) that describes the minimum characteristics of a system that when implemented assures reliable and effective system performance in accordance with the identified requirements.
  • A Technical Information Document (TID) is used as a means of distributing technical information on a particular subject to the public safety industry at large.

Additional details about the Technical Committee processes may be found in NENA 01-001, NENA Technical Committee Administrative Document Describing the Technical Committee Organizational Structure and Document Development & Approval Processes.

Comments related to any documents may be submitted via email or by mail to NENA.

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