NENA – Texas Chapter Board

NENA – Texas Chapter Board
1998-99 South Region Coordinator
M. Forrest Anderson

My background in the 9-1-1 industry began with surveying and mapping in-between semesters while attending Texas A & M University. After graduation in 1980, I continued to do survey work, then worked into cause and origin (Arson) training with Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies. This background,as well as growing up in South Texas, was a perfect fit into the position of 9-1-1 Specialist for the MRGDC in the Spring of 1991. We were just beginning implementation and CPE installation as well as the planning stages for Rural Addressing.

In 1994 I was named 9-1-1 Coordinator and held that position for three years. At the beginning of 1997 I moved into the private sector, however a three hour round trip commute every day and the lack of “quality ” time with family lent itself to a change. I was hired back in October of 1997 by MRGDC to handle the coordination of all Rural Addressing for the Region, and other assigned tasks as needed. The time spent in the private sector was invaluable in learning the perspectives and needs of the public client versus the same criteria within the private sector.

I enjoy my work very much, and find the work challenging and fun, I am blessed to be able to work with a great team at MRGDC and throughout the 9-1-1 industry. My past experience as the South Zone Coordinator was a good learning experience in handling the present and future developments of 9-1-1 in the State of Texas and the nation.

I am married to the former Susan McCurley of Plano Texas, (going on 13 great years), I have two daughters, Nicole, age 10, and Allie, age 6. We have two Labrador retrievers that I train and hunt with, plus two lazy cats, and a beautiful 111 year old Victorian home which is our hobby. We live in Uvalde, Texas, so come down tubing on the Frio River sometime.

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