Dealing with Conflict

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Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation…  How to keep your cool, stand your ground and reach a positive resolution.

3-volume video set                    3 hrs. 35 min.

Conflicts are inevitable. Anger, grudges, hurt and blame are not. In fact, most of your conflicts can be resolved fairly easily. Even better, you can do it in a way that actually benefits all concerned. This insight-packed program will show you how.

You’ll learn a system of psychologically sound techniques proven to work on a variety of conflicts. You’ll be calm and competent even in the toughest situations, including those charges by temper tantrums… tensions, anxiety and fear… one-upmanship… and out-and-out lying.

The result? You’ll be able to focus more on your work, instead of your anger. Your relationships with your tram, boss, and other business associates will improve dramatically. You’ll strengthen your personal relationships, feel less stressed, and have a stronger sense of well-being, because you’ll see that things really can be worked out. Be sure to share the program with your team, so you’re all working together to handle conflict constructively.


  • Why conflict is inevitable, and a fresh, positive way to look at it.
  • The 2 primary reasons conflicts occur (and how to see them coming).
  • When conflict is bad: the 5 levels of escalation, and how to stop each from intensifying.
  • When conflict is good: 5 ways conflict can actually benefit you and your organization.
  • The least productive way to deal with conflict (and how to protect yourself if someone tries it on you).
  • How to use ultimatums wisely (and when they can backfire on you).