TENA Legislative Committee

Legislative Committee
Board Liaison: Renee Wilson
Committee Chair: Woody Glover
9-1-1 Network of East Texas
Ofc.: (903) 581-8911
Fax: (903) 581-3911

Obtaining current information of the status oflegislation filed with the Texas Legislature is very easy if you have an Internetconnection. Direct your web browser to: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/

From this page you may review information of any bill filed with the 73rd, 74th, or 75thSessions of the Texas Legislature. You may see its basic history, full history, orcomplete text. If you are interested in a subject, but do not know which, if any, billspertain, you may do a search of all versions of all bills for specific keywords. These aredone through “View Individual Bill Information”. You may also review committeeschedules, committee memberships, and calendars. From this Internet page you may alsodownload complete text of Texas Statutes, updated through the 74th session (1995.) This isparticularly useful if you use your word processor for doing keyword searches of thelegislation which govern your agency.