Library Agreement Form

Lending Library




The NENA-TX Chapter agrees to loan the following materials: __________________________________________________________________ to _____________________________________, a member in good standing on this day ___________________________ and to be returned to NENA-TX by the date _____________________________.


NENA-TX Chapter will pay for the expense of sending the material and said member will pay for the return, which includes sending by registered mail and insured for $_______________.  If the member loses or destroys the tape, the member agrees to pay NENA-TX $_______________.

I understand and agree to the above conditions.

Member Signature:_________________________________ Date:___________


(Please Print)

Member Name:____________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________________________

Fax/Email: ________________________________________________________

OFFICIAL USE ONLY (do not write below)

Authorized by: ___________________________________ Date:____________

Attach postage/insurance information to form.

Return Lending Library material to:

NENA-TX Chapter President or designated officer.