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When you become a member of the National Emergency Number Association, you are automatically a member of the state chapter. You join a special family dedicated to providing 9-1-1 emergency services “state wide.” You also become a part of the South Eastern Region, one of four regions in the national organization.

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The Texas Chapter hosts two state meetings annually and is active in supporting one annual national meeting hosted by NENA. As a member of NENA, you will receive discounts on national and state meetings and other special training seminars and workshops offered. Personal contacts and vendor presentations keep you up to date on the latest technology and problem solving techniques.

NENA Membership Report

Current as of January 1999
The Texas Chapter has 520 Members.
1st in the South Eastern Region!
#1 in Total State Chapter Membership.
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If you have not received your Chapter pin or
if you have any membership questions,
contact your Regional Coordinator.

Texas Chapter Lending Library

The NENA – Texas Lending Library is open to allmembers, Monday thru Friday, 8 am – 5pm. To check out materials simply contact Joanna Hollingsworth, a.k.a. “theLibrary Lady” for a “Lending Library Agreement Form”. The form will be sentto you via fax or email along with a copy of the Lending Library policy and procedures.Complete and return the form to the Library Lady indicating which materials you would liketo check-out. You will be advised on the status of the materials – in use, available, etc.and an expected ship date. Following is a brief listing of items available:

Career Track?s How to Dealwith Difficult People, Implementing Total Quality Management, Dealing withConflict and Confrontation and How to Train with Video; APCO?s Negativityin the Workplace; and Conference audio tapes. Donationsare appreciated. If you are interested in donating material or want more information aboutthe library, contact Joanna Hollingsworth.

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