NENA – Texas Chapter Board

NENA – Texas Chapter Board
1998-99 Secretary

Brenda Pope

Hello, my name is Brenda Pope and I reside in Galveston County. I have been with the Galveston County 9-1-1 District since implementation, 9 years. I started out as the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director, with a staff of 2 and a Board of Managers that met at least once a month. I was doing the database, office management and anything else that needed attention to implement E9-1-1. As we began to grow and required additional staffing, my title changed to Database Manager and latter to Administrative Manager. My challenges and duties consist of: accounting procedures, database input and updates through electronic MSAG mail, public education, electronic mapping with the capability of producing a mapbook, addressing verification on the Peninsula, records management officer, and any other duties that I need to assist on. I have truly enjoyed my career in 9-1-1. I served on the Board during the last term, as the East Regional Coordinator. It is an opportunity to be part of a “team” that works well together to plan some of the best conferences to show you how breakthrough technology is producing practical solutions for organizations like yours. I encourage “you” to be a part of this team and lets all work together. Let your Regional Coordinator or any of the Board know what new or different accomplishments you have reached.

With all the new technology approaching 9-1-1, we need to be educated and informed on what direction to take to provide the most reliable 9-1-1 service to the public. Let your voice be heard, come be a part of our team and meet “YOUR” Board, share your thoughts and ideas with us. Your input is very important.

As the Secretary, I want to provide the minutes via Internet on our webpage, in the near future. I would like to add new session topics at the conference, bring in new speakers, with exciting and informative data to share. My personal goal as a member of this Board, is to meet new faces through out our 9-1-1 environment. We have a lot of new faces since I started 9 years ago, and I want them to know NENA TX Chapter is #1 and let?s break a record with our membership!

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