Show Policies









Policy Administration by TENA…The TENA Conference Administration shall have the authority to interpret and enforce these Rules.  All matters not covered by these regulations are subject to the decision of the TENA Conference Administration.  All decisions so made shall be as binding on all parties.  The Exhibiting Firm, or its Representative who fails to observe these conditions will be directly responsible for all risks and expenses involved.


Assignment of Space… Space will be assigned by the TENA Conference Administration in accordance with the policy announced at the time exhibit space is offered for reservation.  After that, assignment will be made on a first come, first serve basis.  The TENA Conference Administration reserves the right to relocate exhibit areas for the benefit of the exhibitor, or for the betterment of the Association.


Liability and Insurance…  Every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Association and its contracted decorator/drayage company to protect property during installation, show period, and removal.  However, neither TENA, the TENA Conference Administration, service contractors, building or ground officials, nor any officers, staff members, or directors of any of the same shall be responsible for the safety of the property of exhibitors from theft or damage by fire, accident, vandalism, or other causes, nor will they assume liability for any injury that may occur to exhibition visitors, exhibitors or their agents, and employees, or others.


Change of Venue… If for any reason the TENA Conference Administration deems it necessary to change the location of the exhibits, TENA reserves the right to reassign all booth space as the Association deems best.


Enforcement…  Enforcement of all Exhibition Rules is the responsibility of the TENA Conference Administration.


TENA Conference Administrator Inspection…  All displays must be completely set up by a designated time on the opening morning, at which time a TENA Conference Administrator will conduct a walk-through inspection. A Representative of each Exhibiting Firm is asked to be in their booth until the inspection of that booth is completed.  This will permit the Administrator to alert the Exhibiting Firm immediately of any violation that may exist.  If no Representative is available, a violation notification tag will be left in the booth describing the violation.  All violations must be corrected prior to the opening of the Exposition.


Non-Registered Organizations…  Firms or organizations not assigned space in the Exposition area will not be permitted to engage in any activities within the Exhibit area or any other areas of the Exposition Hall or in hotels affiliated with the Conference in any way.  Exceptions may only be granted by the TENA Conference Administration and then only to non-commercial enterprises or companies holding contracts for support services with the Association.


Children Under 15 Years of Age…  Children under 15 years of age are not permitted on the exhibit floor during move-in or move-out.  They are also not permitted to attend the Exposition unless accompanied by an adult.

      Compliance of Exhibiting Firm…  Each Exhibiting Firm agrees to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances applicable to the space leased and also with such rules and regulations as deemed necessary by the TENA Conference Administration and the exposition facility.


Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EAC)…  Each exhibitor shall provide the TENA Conference Administration, in advance, the name and title of the person in attendance at the Exposition and responsible for the installation, operation and removal of the exhibit.  Said representative shall be authorized to enter into such service contracts as may be necessary for which the exhibitor shall be responsible.  EAC’s must conform to TENA’s rules and regulations.  Each Exhibiting Firm is entitled to one (1) full registration per 10 X 10 booth space purchased.  Additional exhibitor attendee registration may be purchased for $ 85.00 each.


Public Policy…  Each exhibitor is charged with full knowledge and compliance of all laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, and public safety as related to the Exposition Facility.


Payment for Display Space…   The deadline for registration is July 16th, 2004.  Payment IN FULL is due upon registration.  Any requests for exhibitor space after July 30th, 2004 shall be paid in full at the time that the space is confirmed.


Agreement…  By submitting payment for booth space, the Exhibitor agrees to abide by these Rules and Regulations and all amendments thereto and the decisions of the TENA Conference Administration.  Exhibitors agree that failure to meet the specified timetable for payment of booth space may result in the space being canceled or relocated, as the TENA Conference Administration deems best.


Access to Halls, Move-In, and Move-Out Times…  At all times every person, including temporary workers, must wear an identifiable and acceptable TENA Conference badge.


Access to Halls, Show Days…To assure maximum-security protection for open exhibits and merchandise, after-hours work and/or entertainment will not be permitted in the exhibit booths on show days unless permission is granted by the TENA Conference Administration.  Any company wishing to admit personnel or other guests to its booth space before or after the exhibits are closed must submit such requests in writing to the TENA Conference Administration.  The exhibiting company making any such request may be liable for any security costs incurred by TENA in connection with any after-hours request.  Except when special permission is granted by TENA, everyone must be out of the exhibit hall within one-half hour of the official closing time of the exhibits.


      Installation and Removal of Exhibits…  All displays must be completely set up by the appropriate vendor and ready for inspection on the morning the exhibit hall opens, one hour prior to the opening, for the official inspection by the TENA Conference Administration.


Goods received after the opening of the Exposition must be delivered to the booth at prearranged times other than the official exhibit hours.


Goods and materials used in any display (except bona fide samples) may not be removed from the exhibit hall, or any area before the Exposition has been officially closed, without prior approval of (and an official pass issued) by the TENA Conference Administration.  Teardown of exhibits by vendors prior to the official closing of the exhibit hours is discouraged.  Please advise the TENA Conference Administration if there are special circumstances that warrant an exception.

The deadline for removal of all materials from the exhibit hall will be enforced.  It is the sole responsibility of each Exhibitor to have materials packed, identified and cleared for shipment at such time.


The TENA Conference Administration reserves the right, with no liability whatsoever for damage, spoilage or loss, to dismantle, dispose of, store and clear from the premises any display material, goods, property or merchandise of an Exhibitor who has failed to comply with the above requirement, or may order such work to be done at the sole expense of the Exhibitor.  Temporary badges will be distributed to EACs.  Exhibitors show badges are not interchangeable.


Storage of Packing Crates and Boxes…  Exhibitors will not be permitted to store packing crates and boxes in open areas of their booths during the exhibit period.  These crates, when properly marked, will be stored and returned to the booth by the Exposition facility.  It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to mark and identify his/her crates.


Disputes…  Any and all disputes of these Rules must be taken up with the TENA Conference Administration.


Liability and Insurance…  All property of the Exhibitor will remain in his/her custody and control in transit to, from and within the confines of the exhibit hall, subject to the rules and regulations of the Exposition.  Exhibitors are advised to carry appropriate liability insurance against personal injury and property of others.


Payment/Setup Failure…  In the event that exhibitor fails to install his/her display within the time limit set for opening the Exposition, or fails to pay the space rental at the time specified, the TENA Conference Administration shall have the right to take possession of said space and resell same or any part thereof.


Cancellation of Exhibit Space…  Exhibit space may be canceled on or before July 23rd, 2004.  All refunds are subject to an administrative charge.  No monies will be refunded after August 2nd, 2004.  Cancellations and requests for refunds must be sent in writing to:  Joe Rogers, West Central Texas Council of Governments, 1025 E.N. 10th St. Abilene, Texas 79601.


Union…  The Exhibiting Firm hereby agrees to abide by all agreements made among any unions with jurisdiction at the Exposition, the TENA Conference Administration, and Exposition Facility.


Indemnification…  The Exhibiting Firm shall indemnify TENA, all cosponsoring organizations, the official contractors and facility management against, and hold them harmless from any complaints, suits, or liabilities resulting from negligence of the Exhibiting Firm in connection with the Exhibiting Firm’s use of Exhibit space.




Staffing of Exhibit Space…  The Exhibiting Firm’s Representatives must staff exhibit space during all times the Exposition is officially open.  The representatives are required to wear exhibitor badges at all times.  Badges are not transferable.





Operation and Conduct…  Show management reserves the right to regulate and/or restrict exhibits to reasonable noise and lighting levels and to suitable methods of operation and display of materials.  If for any reason an exhibit and/or its contents are deemed objectionable to other exhibitors or show attendees or by the TENA Conference Administration, the exhibitors shall be subject to removal at the exhibitor’s sole expense, and show management shall not be liable for refund of exhibit space rental fees or exhibit equipment rental fees, except at its sole discretion.  This includes persons, things, conduct, or poor professional demeanor, which in the sole judgment of show management is determined to be detrimental to the conference and exposition.


Exhibitors must display goods manufactured or affiliated with them in their regular course of business, unless otherwise approved by the TENA Conference Administration.


No exhibitor shall assign, sublet or share the space assigned without the consent of the TENA Conference Administration.


Marketing Activities Outside Exhibit Space…  All demonstrations, marketing activities and distribution of circulars and promotional material must be confined to the 3-dimensional boundaries of the Exhibitor’s booth.  Displays of any kind, including products, advertising or promotional signs, literature, novelties, etc., will not be permitted in other exhibit spaces, or public areas such as aisles, entrance ways, lounges, registration areas, approaches, corridors, meeting rooms or any other areas of the Exposition Hall or hotels affiliated with the TENA Conference in any way.


All interviews, demonstrations, solicitations and other activities must be conducted so as not to infringe on the rights of other Exhibiting Firms or to offend visitors to the Exposition.  Exhibiting Firms shall confine all such activities within their Exhibit space and not in the aisles.  Aisles cannot be incorporated as part of a booth.


Off-site product demonstrations, VIP seminars, invitation-only meetings and other such activities   will not be allowed during the regular conference schedule.  Hospitality parties or product demonstrations are not allowed on the evening of the scheduled 9-1-1 Appreciation Party (Tuesday, August 31st) at the Hyatt Regency Austin Hotel.


Off-site demonstrations, hospitality parties and other events are allowed before and after the conference, and before and after the 9-1-1 Appreciation Party.  If TENA scheduled functions change, exhibitors will be notified.




Reservation Policy… Exhibiting firms may reserve rooms for Hotel Hospitality Suites through the hotel.


Exhibitor Hospitality Hours…  Exhibiting Firm’s Hospitality functions may not be open during an official conference event, including the 9-1-1 Appreciation Party.  Refreshments for Hospitality Hours may either be brought into the suites or purchased from the hotel.


Announcements and Listings…  Exhibiting Firms’ signs identifying suite locations and hours will be permitted only in the Exhibiting Firms’ booth, or a designated location within the Conference Registration Area or areas specified by the TENA Conference Administration.


Violations…  Show Management reserves the right to limit or terminate any hospitality function if it violates Exposition or Conference rules.




Equipment Shipping

Convention Decoration Services, Inc. offers drayage services at the rate of $40.00/100 lbs.  They will store the equipment and deliver to the hotel and place equipment in the booth space.  Each vendor is responsible for crating his/her equipment at the conclusion of the conference and Convention Decoration Services will return the equipment to the sender.  Contact Marsh Noland at 3559 Belgium Lane, San Antonio, TX  78219 for all shipping information.  Phone:  210.467.0041.  Fax:  210.467.0048


All crates must be clearly labeled and all freight must be prepaid.