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Stress Management for the Professional

6- audiocassettes                    6 hrs. 2 min.

You can’t rid yourself of job related stress. It comes with the territory. In fact, you need a certain amount of stress to perform your job. But how you handle pressure can mean the difference between being happy and productive… or frustrated and anxious.

This program will teach you how to make sure a positive force – by identifying the sources of pressure in your life and showing you what to do about them.

Sound difficult? Not really. It just takes some subtle shifts in thinking. Use the straightforward strategies you learn and you’ll feel the benefits immediately. You’ll get more done at work – and at home – without feeling pressured or pulled in a million directions. You’ll feel excited about life and work once again, and you’ll have more energy to do the things you enjoy.

This highly acclaimed program is capable of changing your outlook on stress forever.


  • Why even try to manage your stress?
  • The 2 goals you should shoot for and the payback to expect.
  • How to avoid the “Rambo Reaction” when you feel overloaded with stress.
  • How to stop yourself from getting hurt and/or angry.
  • The power of staying neutral in stressful situations.
  • How coming o grips with weakness can alleviate anxiety.
  • The “banana theory”: how to let go of old habits that hold you back.