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Summer 1998 Volume 4 Issue 3 (Download Size: 180k)
Headline: Go West Young Man…And Lady!!!
Also Inside: From the President, Regional Updates, Calendar of Events, News from”The Legal Eagle”, TOTY Winners

Spring 1998 Volume 4 Issue2 (Download Size: 186k)
Headline: RFO is VIP (Very Important Project)  in Texas

Winter1998 Volume 4 Issue 1 (Download Size: 339k)
Headline: 3-1-1…To be or not to be…Is that thequestion?.

Fall1997 Volume 3 Issue 4 (Download Size: 248k)
Headline: 9-1-1 Appreciation Day – Saluting Those Who SaveLives and Property Accoss the State of Texas.

Summer1997 Volume 3 Issue 3 (Download Size: 389k)
Headline: Texas 9-1-1 and Local Service Providers…

Spring1997 Volume 3 Issue 2 (Download Size: 222k)
Headline: Spring!…

Winter 1996 Volume 3 Issue1 (Download Size: 171k)
Headline: WIP-Steller Cellular News…

In order to conserve space on ourhost’s server,
the following issues of the TENA Transfer have been removed.
However, if you would like a copy, please email.

Fall 1996 Volume 2 Issue 4 (Download Size: 266k)
Headline: Governor Proclaims 9-1-1 Day in Texas, 1996 Public SafetyTelecommunicators of the Year…
Inside: Fall Conference Registration Form and Presentation Abstracts!, From thePresident, Spring Conference Information, Regional Updates

Summer 1996 Volume 2 Issue 3 (Download Size: 533k)
Headline: From a Mile High…To Below the Sea
Inside: Fall Conference Registration Form!, From the President, Proposed By-LawChanges, 8th Annual 9-1-1 Day Celebration Plans, Regional Updates

Spring 1996 Volume 2 Issue 2 (Download Size: 316k)
Headline: Head of State 9-1-1 Resigns…
Inside: Spring Conference Keeps TENA Tradition, From the President, UpcomingCalendar of Events, Telecommunicator Certification Program, Regional Updates

Special Edition 1995 Volume 2 Issue 2(Download Size: 217k)
Headline: Post-Conference Special Edition…
Inside: From the President, upcoming calendar of events, meet your regional reps,TENA speciality items

Fall 1995 Volume 1 Issue 3 (Download Size: 800k)
Headline: Telecommunicators of the Year Awards Presented on 9-1-1 Day…
Inside: From the President, upcoming calendar of events, NENA goes on-line

Summer 1995 Volume 1 Issue 2 (Download Size: 627k)
Headline: 1995 Joint Conference Nears All We Need Is You!…
Inside: Legislative updates, upcoming calendar of events

Spring 1995 Volume 1 Issue 1 (Download Size: 516k)
Headline: Despite Fog, Spring Conference a Huge Success!…
Inside: Legislative updates, upcoming calendar of events

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