NENA Web Site Tips

Now that is powered by Drupal, there are several new features and concepts you will need to understand to make the best use of NENA’s web site.

Navigation – Menu System

The top level tabs organize our primary content and will display the sub-categories when you hover your mouse over them. When you click on a category or subcategory a menu block will open in the left hand side of the page with the other choices in that category. If your selected subcategory has another level of menu items they will be displayed as well.

At the top of each page just above the page title for a bread-crumb trail menu that will also help you navigate the site.

Getting Details from a List View

Many lists and blocks show the title of the event, standard, story, etc as a clickable link that will take you to the full content with further details. NENA’s Education Courses page is a good example, scroll down to the NENA EDUCATIONAL COURSES section.

“Read More” Links

You may see “Read more” at the bottom of stories and other content, especially on the home page. We do this to show a short “teaser” view of the content which allows more stories to be featured on a page. Since NENA members have varied interests this lets us read the full story when it is of interest and quickly scan the others.

Upcoming Events Block

One of several blocks on the right hand side of the page, this block shows the next events on NENA’s calendar and offers a link to Read more if you want to see a list of ALL events. This can be very helpful when planning your meetings, conferences and events. You can also see events in a calendar view.

Glossary Terms

You will notice that many terms such as NG9-1-1(?) are now specially marked and you can see the official NENA Master Glossary by hovering your mouse over the (?). Some of them take longer to read and you can click on the (?) to read the full definition.

NENA Standards

When you view the list of Technical or Operations Standards you may view a page with a description of the standard by clicking the standard title. On the standard page the standard document is attached at the bottom of the page and may be downloaded to your computer.