Task Force changes to the draft

Task Force changes to the draft.


On Wednesday February 6th, 2002;  911 Subcommittee members were advised of recommended changes to the draft by the Telecommunications Task Force.

These recommendations include the following:

1: The Board would be attached to the Department of Commerce instead of Electronic Government.

2: Wireless providers would retain 2% of the surcharge for administrative costs etc; but, only for one year.  Joint Finance will review after one year.

3: Twelve person board remains, but instead of six representatives each from the wireless and PSAP communities, the new report calls for 4 reps each from wireless, PSAP’s, and the Legislature.  (One each from each leader in the Senate and Assembly?)

4: 70 cent surcharge reduced to 50 cents

5: Board expenses increased from 1% to 2.5%

6: Entire program sunsets in 5 years.


The Webmaster has not received any official response to these changes from the WINENA leadership.  However, my guess is the response will be less than enthusiastic.