The Alliance of Cities and the Counties Association are reportedly dropping for nowtheir attempt to take their wireless/landline 9-1-1 legislative draft to the joint Finance Committee in the near future. Their organizations could not getthe telephone industry to compromise on the draft.

The WI-NENA president and vice-president contacted a number of the Joint FinanceCommittee members before it was learned that the draft would not be pushedforward to the Joint Finance Committee for inclusion in the state budget bill.The response from the Committee members (or their representatives) was generallypositive to our cause, and most offices were not aware of any suchwireless/landline 9-1-1 draft’s origination.

The Counties Association also took a closer look at the proposed coalition’swireless/landline 9-1-1 draft after receiving WI-NENA’s written positionregarding the draft.

Our next focus will be to determine if there is now, or will be, a possibility thatthe Alliance of Cities and Counties Association may support another version oftheir draft (with input of the PSAP administrators throughout the state). Basedupon that response, a decision will be made as to whether WI-NENA will work withthe Alliance of Cities and Counties association, or begin working again with thePSAP administrators to gain consensus on a 9-1-1 legislative draft.

David Sleeter / WI-NENA President