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NationalEmergency Number Association

General WI-NENA Info:

WI-NENA Mission:

WI-NENA’s mission is to fosterthe technological advancement, availability and implementation ofa universal emergency telephone number system. In carrying outits mission, WI-NENA promotes research, planning, training andeducation. The protection of human life, the preservation ofproperty, and the maintenance of general community security areamong WI-NENA’s objectives.

WI-NENA has 118 total members and is currently ranked 22nd in the overall national standings.We are proud of our standing after only 6 years in existence.
Torequest membership information, please direct your requests toBecky Kroes, Membership Coordinator at
800-761-5390(Voice), 414-607-7304 (Fax), or E-mail at [email protected]

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