About the Pub Ed Clearinghouse

    To help NENA’s Active Membership find ways to educate the public in their communities, NENA’s Public Education track created a network of public education ideas, non-commercial products or programs for posting here on the NENA web site. By submitting the Pub Ed Clearinghouse Worksheet, you are sharing this information with your peers and granting permission for your ideas to be used by other members of NENA’s Active membership.  The comprehensive Clearinghouse list will be maintained on this web page as submissions are received.

To Submit Your Pub Ed Idea: Download the Pub Ed Clearinghouse Worksheet (Adobe PDF; 122K)

We Want Your Ideas for


  • Specialty items

  • Giveaways

  • Printed pieces

  • Presentations

  • Ideas from NENA Active members

  • Your contact info so members may call you for more information

We Don’t Want Listings of


  • Commercially produced products (click here for these resources)

  • Items from companies in the business of making 9-1-1 public education products

  • Products from NENA Commercial members