The NENA Wireless Implementation ProgramUSDOT’s Support of Implementing Wireless E9-1-1


The NENA Wireless Implementation Program
USDOT’s Support of Implementing Wireless E9-1-1

NENA, in partnership with the US Department of Transportation (US DOT), APCO, NASNA and other stakeholders, is proud to announce the launch of a national data-gathering program, and technical assistance program to stimulate wireless implementation for America–the NENA Wireless Implementation Program.  For a full Scope of Work (SOW) document, please click on the link at left.

NENA has begun its nationwide research effort to determine the status of U.S. Phase I and Phase II wireless implementation. This valuable information will help all key stakeholders monitor and coordinate the pace of wireless 9-1-1 implementation. The information garnered from this research effort will be developed into an interactive “point and click” map representing each U.S. county’s wireless implementation status.

To obtain this information, NENA has formed a research team that will call 9-1-1 authorities located throughout the country to help collect necessary data. Depending upon where that kind of information is maintained, this may include 9-1-1 coordinators, county coordinators, PSAP Managers, emergency communication district managers, state program contacts and others. Results of NENA’s research efforts will be shared with the public safety community via NENA’s web site.

Over the next several months, the NENA Research Team will contact the appropriate 9-1-1 decision makers (as mentioned above), and spend 5-7 minutes discussing issues regarding PSAP technology and wireless implementation.

If you have additional questions regarding NENA’s involvement in the U.S. Department of Transportation Wireless Implementation project, please contact the NENA Headquarters office at 1-800-332-3911, or email

[email protected].