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Advertising Opportunities with NENA

NENA offers terrific advertising opportunities which allow you to reach thousands of 9-1-1 professionals throughout North America and beyond. Print publications include NENA News magazine and the NENA Annual Membership Directory. NENA Internet advertising includes two options for Commercial Advertising and an option for Employment Postings–NENA members receive a 50% discount for Employment Postings! Scroll down for more information on NENA’s advertising venues.

For additional information on advertising, publication schedules, or for other advertising opportunities please contact Sonya Carius at (800) 332-3911.

NENA News Magazine

Advertising. The NENA News is a high-quality, four-color magazine reaching industry decision-makers in 9-1-1 centers across the United States and internationally. The magazine is published bimonthly throughout the year.  The June/July issue is our “Trade Show” issue.

Editorial Calendar:   While NENA does design an editorial focus calendar in advance, these topics are subject to change.  As the only association dedicated solely to the technical and managerial issues in 9-1-1, NENA is committed to educating and informing our members and their peers in the industry about the most up-to-date and critical issues and concerns in 9-1-1.

Plan early to get the most of your advertising dollar. NENA offers great discounts for multiple insertions. And if you reserve space for next year by December 31 of this year, you still get this year’s rates!

For Advertising Information for NENA News, please call Sonya Carius at (800) 332-3911 or email [email protected]

NENA Annual Membership Directory

With a shelf life of 12 months, the NENA Membership Directory lets you reach 9-1-1 professionals over and over again–for one low price!  The NENA Membership Directory offers 4-color advertising opportunities and is published annually in July. In addition to NENA membership listings, the Directory includes the NENA Constitution & Bylaws, Executive Board, Volunteer Committees, state relay service numbers, and more!

For Advertising Information for the NENA Membership Directory, please call Sonya Carius at (800) 332-3911 or email [email protected]

NENA Web Ads–Commercial

NENA offers two great options for commercial Internet advertising. And with the new content-intensive NENA Web Site, we’re reaching more 9-1-1 professionals electronically than ever before!  For complete information, rates and specifications, download the NENA Web Advertising Order Form (Adobe PDF; Instructions).

NENA Web Ads–Employment Postings

You can reach potential employees and 9-1-1 professionals across the globe with NENA Web Site Employment Postings. Job openings are typically posted within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your job ad copy and Employment Posting Order Form (Adobe PDF; Instructions). NENA members receive a 50% discount! (NENA only posts employment openings on the NENA Web Site.)


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