PSAP Design


Keeping Your PSAP Finely Tuned

Designing, constructing, or renovating a PSAP is a daunting effort with an outcome that directly affects the PSAP manager, staff, and other stakeholders. These projects present a variety of unique challenges with numerous options that must be considered to develop the best possible plan. The success of a project is dependent upon following a step by step process involving 9-1-1 officials, local and/or regional government, design professionals, and consultants working together to create a long term solution.

This course defines the process of designing a new PSAP and identifies the steps involved: from determining the need through design, bidding, construction, and move in. Attendees will hear how they, as PSAP managers, are critical to driving a project to a successful outcome and will learn about the role they play in every phase of creating or revitalizing a PSAP and/or EOC that best serves their community.

Courses within the Keeping Your PSAP Finely Tuned suite are: