Advanced Disaster Planning for PSAPs


Preparing for the Worst

Disasters can send shockwaves through the emergency response system. They can paralyze 9-1-1 communications, endanger the lives of PSAP employees, and leave the public and field responders without a point of contact. This two-day, highly-interactive class focuses on what PSAP management and governmental decision makers serving in emergency communications can do to prepare for crises.

Attendees will be provided with in-depth examples of events that can cause catastrophic disruptions to PSAP operations, and will work both individually and in teams to build solutions to these issues. Topics such as personnel safety, health and welfare, staffing, facility security, redundancy and diversity of critical operating systems, backup procedures, and post-event recovery are addressed. This course is presented in an easy-to-understand format and is recommended for all emergency communications professionals and state and local government leaders seeking to enhance to their pre-disaster preparation and post-disaster mitigation policies and practices.

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