Transition to Next Generation 9-1-1


The Future is HERE!

You know the basics of Next Generation 9-1-1(?), your community is looking at converging technologies and making some changes in your networking and call routing, and you are, quite frankly, a bit overwhelmed! Between budget considerations, technical planning, operational planning, and governance issues, there is great deal to accomplish before an NG9-1-1(?) system can be fully implemented. But what is your transition plan? Is there an order to move in or a checklist to make sure you do everything that needs to be done?
Come to this class and learn some transition strategies for planning your migration to Next Generation 9-1-1. Whether you are going the baby-steps route or looking to do it all at once, we will talk you through the creation of a master plan for this major change that is occurring in our industry. Topics include: a review of NG9-1-1 and its impact on PSAPs; working with a consultant (or not); developing a master plan; developing a transition plan or migration path; components of NG9-1-1 (technology, operations, standards); procurement; and implementations in progress.
Courses within the Future is HERE suite are: