Combined Centers-Law/Fire/EMS


Combined Centers-Law/Fire/EMS

From: Stephen Watt, 911 Crawford County, Pa.
Date: 17 Dec 1997
Time: 17:40:20
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We are the PSAP for our county. We dispatch for 31 firedepartments, 23 EMS services, and 8 local law enforcementagencies. We forward 911 calls to the 2 state police barracksthat cover our county and the the two city police departmentswhich are located in the county.

The relationship with the public safety agencies that weserve is good. Sometimes if a dispatcher does not reply at onceto a unit it is assumed that ” we give priority to otherservice agencies” It has taken awhile to dispell thatassumption. At present it is working well and we have theconfidence of all public safety agencies because we present ouroperations as a holistic communication coordianton facility.