Re: Simulation and Data Analysis – Some interestingpatterns


Re: Simulation and Data Analysis – Some interesting patterns

From: Dave Allburn < [email protected] >
Date: 07 Jan 1998
Time: 20:39:06
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I’m very interested in your success at developing such amodel. I am interested in real-time predictive modeling as itapplies to the deployment of assets (dispatching). Alsointerested in sensitivity testing response-time as it varies witha new parameter we call “suspicion”. Suspicion comes invarous ratios of the probability of detection to the probabilityof false alarm. If for example, a central station monitoringservice has a known ratio for its reports, and it differs fromthe ratio of another central station, could an algorithm bedeveloped to help dispatchers apportion their time and attentionlogically? If, say, all residences in a community were wired toreport the simple fact of (a) smoke alarm sounding, or (b) panicbutton depressed, and the automatic phonecall to verify thesituation was displayed as “unanswered” for x minutes,could the dispatcher benefit from such information? Would such asystem favorably impact the response time variable? E-mail medirectly if you find these notions interesting. Good luck on yourmodel. How can I get a copy of your thesis?