EMD Advice


EMD Advice

From: Bobby Guyan, [email protected]
Date: 12 Mar 1998
Time: 13:27:29
Remote Name: ww-tn05.proxy.aol.com


I have been selected to put together a County-Wide EMDSystem,We have chosen the Medical Priority System. My problem isas follows: We have seven PSAPs in our County,1 is a County PSAPand the other six are Cities or Townships that serve as their ownPSAP. Out of these seven PSAPs they all dispatch their own Police/ Fire Departments, but none has their own ambulance service. Allthe ambulance work in the County is Done by four private servicesthat are chosen independently by each agency. Out of the sevenPSAPs all Fire Departments respond EMTs or “firstresponders” to a Medical Emergency while the privateAmbulance services are enroute. Out of the seven PSAPs onepresently EMDs calls until their FD gets on the scene, and ALLfour private ambulances EMS their own calls. Several of the PSAPscurrently “one button” their calls to the privates forEMD. The County 911 director wants ALL PSAPs to EMD calls thatare received in their center, so I presently am working withMedical Priority to get all of the Telecommunicators in theCounty EMD trained. My questions are: 1) Has anyone delt withsuch a mess? 2) What would you advise for “overflowcalls”. 3) Should the PSAP EMD calls that a private serviceis enroute to? 4) What about the volunteer services that aredispatched by the County System?. If anyone has ANY ADVICE orEXPERIENCE with this please let me know. Thanks in advance!!Bobby