The NENA Nation: Government Affairs

In today’s world, nothing means more than 9-1-1.  NENA is the Voice of 9-1-1. 

NENA’s government affairs professionals and programs help bring the issues that impact 9-1-1 to the front burner of our nation’s policymakers and leaders.  NENA’s government affairs team serves as your liaison with government and other organizations by working with Congress, the FCC, the Administration, government agencies and other like minded organizations on key issues affecting 9-1-1.

NENA’s a voice in government.

Making sure the government hears our voice is about using our assets, advocacy and expertise in an organized approach.  NENA’s greatest asset has been, and always will be, its membership.  In its most basic form our government affairs program is about our members.  NENA is over 7,000 strong. We represent our nation’s 9-1-1 leaders, administrators, and PSAPs.  We have the technical and operational experience to lead.  We need government to understand our story and support our leadership.

As 9-1-1 professionals it’s our responsibility to make sure our representatives hear our voice. And as effective constituents we must communicate that voice.  The more we communicate our goals the more successful we will be.  The more informed we are as constituents the more pressing are our issues. 

If you would like to get involved in NENA’s government affairs program, contact NENA’s Government Affairs Director, Patrick Halley via email [email protected].

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