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NENA Coordinates Industry-wide 9-1-1 Report Commission, Hires Deloitte & 
Touche for National 9-1-1 Report Card Project

Association and Leading Professional Services Firm to Report on 
Effectiveness of 9-1-1

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 29, 2000)-The National Emergency Number Association 
(NENA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Deloitte & Touche to serve 
as the Project Manager on an industry-wide 9-1-1 research project, The NENA 
Report Card to the Nation (RCN). The NENA RCN project is the first 
comprehensive study on 9-1-1 in the nearly 20-year history of the emergency 

“The RCN is an unprecedented effort to bring together a full spectrum of 
suppliers and consumers in this important element of the National 
telecommunications infrastructure. This project is the first step in 
understanding and addressing the challenges we face and will help formulate 
plans for the future-plans that will affect all of us, from wireless 
companies, wireline telephone services providers, and consumers, to state 
and local 9-1-1 authorities,” said William H. Hinkle, NENA president.

The 9-1-1 Report Card will be introduced to Congress on September 7, 2000, 
just prior to National 9-1-1 Day on September 11. In addition to the 
Congressional version of the Report, industry leaders, led by NENA, will 
release an ongoing series of quarterly reports that analyze and assess 
9-1-1 and related topics in the public safety telecommunications industry. 

“We are delighted to add Deloitte & Touche to the list of resources we 
have involved with the Report Card. Deloitte has an impressive body of 
experience in telecommunications research, and research design for similar 
projects. With assistance from Deloitte & Touche, we are sure to have a 
balanced and well-designed research project,” Hinkle said.

The Report Card project, and the related research, will be performed by a 
coalition of telecommunications experts and other subject matter experts in 
9-1-1, public safety and related fields. The Report will establish key 
performance indicators and benchmarks for 9-1-1 operations, and the 
functionality of 9-1-1 equipment and services. “Establishing benchmarks 
and defining acceptable levels of service are critical initial steps toward 
wholesale improvements to our existing 9-1-1 services. In this respect, 
this unprecedented Report is critical in our ongoing efforts to save lives 
and protect the public,” Hinkle added.
The Commission for the NENA 9-1-1 Report Card is an industry-wide panel of 
communications executives. The Commission is charged with the authority 
and oversight responsibility of producing a national report card to 
Congress on the effectiveness of 9-1-1. Members of the RCN Commission are:
* Norman Forshee, First Vice President, National Emergency Number 
* Richard Fowler, Executive Director-Public Safety Services/9-1-1, SBC 
Communications, Inc.
* Jim Goerke, Executive Director, ACSEC State 9-1-1 Commission
* George Heinrichs, President & CEO, SCC Communications Corp.
* William H. Hinkle, President, National Emergency Number Association
* John Kelley, President, US West Wholesale Markets
* Rose Marie Robertson, MD, President-Elect, American Heart Association
* Tom Wheeler, Executive Director, Cellular Telephone Industry Association
* Ex Officio Member W. Mark Adams, Executive Director, National Emergency 
Number Association

NENA is the only organization dedicated solely to the promotion and 
implementation of 9-1-1 as America’s universal emergency number. NENA’s 
mission is to foster the development and implementation of 9-1-1 as a 
universal emergency number. NENA has more than 7,000 members, most of whom 
manage the 4,300 primary 9-1-1 centers that answer and process 9-1-1 calls. 
As a part of its mission, NENA also develops recommended operating 
standards and protocol for 9-1-1 services. NENA’s international 
headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio.

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