NENA’s New Web Site

Posted: Dec 1 – 09:27 am

Ron Bonneau
NENA President

Welcome to our new web site. Our primary goal with this redesign is to improve access to the wealth of information and improve service to our members. Please take a moment to hover your pointer over the main menu tabs and visit a few of the pages.

When you click a main menu category you will notice a menu to the left of the page with more detail about the selected category. There is also a breadcrumb trail above the page title to help you navigate.

Please note the Read more link on each story that will take you to the full story that is not displayed in this ‘teaser” view we use to get more headlines on the home page.

Since you followed the read more link on my first story I’ll share a little more information.

A web site is never finished and our Internet Committee and Staff is committed to continually adding new information and features. Check the home page often for stories about new content, updates from our Technical, Operations, Education, and Government Affairs Directors, and special announcements as we add exciting new features to over the coming months.

You will notice that many terms such as Next Generatiopn 9-1-1(?) are now specially marked and you can see the official NENA Master Glossary by hovering your mouse over the (?). Some of them take longer to read and you can click on the (?) to read the full definition.

Your feedback is important as we continue to make changes and improvements. Email [email protected] with your comments, ideas, and suggestions.