4:00 – 5:00

ATXAutomatic Collision Notification

Gary Wallace

An overview of the telematics industry and the services that impact the public safety, including automatic collision notification.  The presentation will include a discussion on issues pertaining to interconnection with 9-1-1, protocols, training etc. 


PS-ALI – Bell Canada

Tim Smith

PS-ALI  (Private Switch ALI)  In recent years many Ontario jurisdictions have expressed concerns about incomplete ALI (Automatic Location Identification) data for large sites such as Universities and Canadian Forces served by PAX.  (Class of Service CPB).  In the U.S. some states have passed legislation mandating addressing down to the PBX extension level; however, no such legislation is in place in Canada.  Bell Canada will introduce its solution, which was tariffed as an optional product earlier this year.   We will explain how this solution works and what information can be transmitted in the ANI/ALI database and the limitation of features to the PSAP.     


9:00 – 10:00

Wireless Trial  -Phase I Review, Applications and Lessons Learned  

Judy Broomfield – Toronto Police

Sheryl MacPhail – York Police

Wireless Trial for Toronto Police Service and York Regional Police –Review of the Phase 1 trial. Understand the lessons learnt, the training  and policy guideline considerations and the applications for the new information. Some Great success stories.